I like to jam as much as the the next person. But the Grammys are consistently the most overly-hyped and underwhelming music event of the year. Last night’s 210 minute-long show was no exception. Still, the kooky and daring red carpet looks make it worth tuning in. Celebs and celeb hangers-on spend weeks shaping up and getting fitted out so they look their best for the spotlight.

A huge part of their ensemble is the right shoes to go with the dress. Usually this means sky-high heels that just look like an all-night shoe cramp. That’s why these Lavender Scented Killer Kushionz foot insoles are totally heaven-sent. They provide hours of comfort and keep foot odor at bay. So whether you’re Gwyneth and have to jump from awards ceremony to after-party in a single bound, or you’re a working city gal pounding the pavement all day, slip these puppies in. Your feet will thank you.

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Photo Source: Style.com