Gwyneth: I’ve mentioned her before and I will probably mention her many more times. When it comes to celebrity crushes, there’s no one I’ve got it worse for than the Paltrow. She’s elegant, chic, always stylish and seems like the such a cool mom. My new blog obsession, Makeover Momma, seems to agree. They wrote a great post about Figure Flattery Fashion that included a photo of the always put-together Paltrow. The post is targeted towards moms (duh) but as I made my way down her tips, I found that they apply to anyone who needs a little style pep-talk. One of her great ideas, after the jump.

“4. Frump Properly: If you’re having a casual day and want to feel relaxed (instead of frumpy), skip the baggy sweats in favor of matching hoodie and pants, or a soft sweater and yoga pants in a singular color. Wearing one beautiful color from head to toe will keep your “sweats” from looking messy, and so will perfectly placed accessories (try soft ballet flats and delicate earrings).”

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