When it comes to planning weddings, every bride will tell you that success is in the details. Any minor snafu can turn your perfect day into a royal mess. The experts at Wedding Channel gets down to the brass tacks and offers tips for what hair styles will work best with which seasons. Think you can wear curls in the spring and still look picture perfect at the reception? Think again.

Here are a couple of hair do’s and don’ts:

For Spring Brides:

Stay away from curls.

    Your gorgeous, bouncy curls (which probably took hours to create) don’t stand a chance of winning the war against an unexpected downpour. When you’re brainstorming style ideas for spring, think softly pinned buns or sleek updos.

For Fall & Winter Brides:

Avoid heat-styling devices.

    Overusing hair styling tools like hot rollers, curling irons, or flat irons on your wedding day can lead to rough, over-processed, split ends that are much more likely to respond (negatively) to static.

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