In honor of the jokester’s holiday, I wanted to discuss something (REAL) to make you giggle. We always write about spas because that’s who we are — Spa Week. But, one thing we’ve never talked about is spas for dogs!

You read that right… they have spas for dogs! I’m not talking groomers. I’m talking places that give puppy massages. Now, as a dog owner myself, I admit that I go a little overboard sometimes. Juicy Couture hoodies, more toys than I can count, gourmet holistic dog food… but massages and facials?! This is no joke.

The Bow and Meow Pet Spa in Chicago offers full body pet massage and even a special blueberry facial that dogs can lick off their face and eat! They even offer acupressure treatments. If you’re like me and can’t even afford enough spa treatments for yourself, you can easily learn how to soothe your pooch at home. Websites such as give you some tips.

Or, if you want, forget about the dog and go get your own spa treatment (or two). They’re only $50 each during Spa Week, so why not?

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