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12 Responses

  1. Maggie

    I love the way yoga relaxes me. It’s hard to imagine being relaxed while still exercising at the same time, but I’m able to achieve this with yoga. My favorite part about yoga is really feeling the stretch, and I enjoy when my cat copies me and stretches at the same time.

  2. Danielle Chancas

    Yoga had reduced a great deal of tension and anxiety both mentally and physically. Yoga has also helped my academic life by enhancing my ability to concentrate. If all that wasn’t enough, I’m stronger and more flexible!

  3. Elly

    I always have problem with my back and shoulder. Usually I’ll be in pain a few times a week. I’ve been doing yoga for a few months now and I have no more back pain and shoulder pain… yoga helps me a LOT.

  4. Diane

    Yoga really makes me feel younger, lighter and gives me a wonderful boost of energy – it’s wonderful for the body and soul.

  5. bridget scala

    I have been doing yoga for ten years. no other exercise could i stick to, but because i love it so much, i have kept it up!! I recently started teaching it I love it so much!! Its nice to see people grow with yoga!

  6. pim

    I love the way that yoga centers me physically and mentally. And it gets rid of stress and tension better than getting a massage!

  7. Sue

    YOGA has given me a way to totally relax my body and take time for myself. It has helped me get through really stressful times and has connected my with my sisters who are also getting into the Yoga frame of mind.

  8. Andrea

    Yoga has helped to center me. After a year filled with 4 family deaths and a whirlwind of disaster. Yoga brought me back to reality peacefully. Helping to fine-tune the rough edges – body and soul!

  9. laurel

    Yoga relaxes me and is an hour to myself. I especially love hot yoga- it feels cleansing to release all those toxins from my body.
    It does not feel like a work out but rather a way to spoil myself.

  10. Nikki Lee

    Yoga is MY time – where I give to myself. Whether it be a class at the gym, at a studio or at home alone, it blocks everything else out – work, traffic, bills, life in general, etc. Especially last year, which was quite possibly the hardest year of my life, every quiet second I stole through yoga to give to myself, to get in tune with myself and just practice BEING, was valuable.


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