As I told you several days ago I rarely try new new polish colors. In fact, I am routine about it: I pick out three shades, sit down with my manicurist, and hold off on nudging one color forward until after she’s applied the base coat. A few days ago I discovered OPI’s Try On This Color, which is a program that enables you to experiment with all of their shades without having to go through the hassle of, well, painting your nails. I’m really excited about it, hopefully I can find another color.

The site is self-explanatory. You select your skin shade, nail length, and then sift through all of their colors. Personally, I find it a little tough to really match my skin tone, plus as a writer I keep my nails very short, and considering Try On This Color doesn’t have an image of nails as short as mine, I’m taking this as a bit of a snub.

What do you think? Is this the best way to experiment with nail polish? What if you could submit a photo of your actual hands, hangnails and all!

Nail Polish Giveaway Try it out, tell me what color/shade looks best on you and if I have it here in the office I’ll send you a bottle. Giveaway offer good for the first three people that respond/comment below. Happy web polishing.

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  1. Nai

    I’ve been on a hunt for a bright in the pink purple family. I think I’m gonna go with Pompeii Purple or That’s Berry Daring.

  2. Suzy R

    Tried the OPI “Try-On This Color” website. Interesting. Kind of fun. Based on this web-site the color called “Party in My Cabana” should be great on me — and really, who can resist that name? Although, “Mauve-less Memories”, “The Thrill of Brazil”, and “Pompei Purple” are all definite possibilities for summer! However, the website does have flaws — such as nail length and shape; skin color — no “in between” shades and no way to increase redness, sallowness, blue veins, etc; can’t tell if the polish is creme or shimmer or duo-tone; and probably more issues I haven’t thought about… Uploading my pic would be neat — but lighting has a huge effect on my skin color and nail polish color! Also, would love to be able to have 2 hands to compare two colors next to each other — even on 2 different nails on the same hand. Just my 2 cents! Looking forward to my Spa Week massage and facial later this weeek!

  3. Tjien Go

    I’m the one who love DS extravagance, but my email was incorrect, this is the correct one… thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Linds

    I think it’s a fun idea but a little tough to figure out exactly how the colors will look on you. In the summer I love light, almost white, pinks but my pale winter skin needs some brighter colors. My 2 favorites from the color picker (couldn’t pick just one) are Bright Lights Big Color and Indi-a Mood For Love.

    (I love OPI’s color names!! Always so fun!)

  5. Lauren

    I would love to be able to take a photo of my own hand, then see it on screen. However, that said, the graphic designer in me must speak up. What about color accuracy and lighting? What about computer monitor color calibration? However, these technical worries behind, the color picker is fun if you’re looking for a new shade.

    My favorite OPI color has been Seniorita Rosalita since the first day I ever saw it, but I think its discontinued now!

    The “It” color is kind of growing on me. I’ll have to check it out in person on my lunch break today (=


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