I make traveling harder than it needs to be. I won’t check my bags. Ever. I push the carry-on rule as far as possible–it’s not uncommon to see me whiz through the airport donning four coats at once (to make my overweight bag blend in). By the time I arrive at security, I’m usually boiling hot and annoyed that I didn’t remember to wear easy shoes (or matching socks).

If you are (sorta) like me and don’t like the icky airport floors ecoLiving’s Travel Booties are a great travel tool. Just slip them over your feet at security, and protect yourself from bacteria (and who knows what else). Plus they can be recycled or even composted after you are done with them.

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  1. Jonez

    I’m with you on that. I refuse to check in my luggage. Altho I’ve never attempted to wear four coats at once.


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