Admittedly, I have a few issues with control (but how can you blame me when I usually have a better way of doing things?). My very dear friend is getting married, and her younger sister sent out an email about a pending bachelorette party. My immediate reaction was, “Did you get a good rate on spa treatments or the hotel?” I referred her to’s story on bridal party activities, and then soon realized that, as of that moment, I had only been invited to the bachelorette and not to be a bridesmaid. The convo got a bit awkward so I immediately transitioned back to party talk.

They are only in the beginning stages of planning so I suggested (with a resigned demeanor, of course) going to Vegas. Yeah, it’s a bit cliché, but the Las Vegas Hilton’s Summer Getaway Package includes 2-nights accommodations, a trough of food (a.k.a. buffet), welcome cocktails (woohoo!), and more all for $135. I dare her to find better!

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