I’m a fan of all things thin, from 100 Calorie Packs to Spelnda-infused beverages. Occasionally I hit the trifecta: Breyers Low Carb Vanilla Bean ice cream, topped with crumbled Oreo 100 Calorie Pack crisps ( I only use half of the bag) and heaping dollops of Fat Free Whipped Cream. I tell myself that the whole shebang flies under the 250-calorie radar, but I have a heavy hand when it comes to scooping and I’m sure it’s pushing the 4’s. My recipes are a work in progress, and I could use a bit of direction.

bookAuthor Lisa Lillien has just published her sophomore book, Hungry Girl 200 Under 200, and it includes 200 savory recipes like Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes, “Swirls Gone Wild” Cheesecake Brownies, and pages of things to do with Fat Free Cool Whip. Yeah, over half of the recipes are hearty meals, but I’m a self-proclaimed sufferer of SSTD (Serious Sweet Tooth Disorder–yes, I made it up) so I have tunnel vision when there’s chocolate.

Check out hungry-girl.com to sign up for Lillien’s daily email service filled with tips and tricks, and if you already have a favorite self-made low-fat recipe let us know! I’ll happily give it a shot.

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