I cringe when I think about the days of Lunchables: processed meat, coupled with unhappy cheese and already-broken crackers. Finding healthy alternatives to on-the-go snacks is difficult, even now. Labels are deceiving, and packages are littered with confusing catch-phrases, but here’s a simple, clean, and honest brand to look for next time you’re in the grocery aisle—Lifestyle Foods.

Lifestyle Foods, Inc. provides a variety of snack options to satisfy any sort of craving. My favorite: The Manhattan snack, combines fresh cut carrots, all-natural whole wheat organic pita, cubed cheddar cheese and roasted red pepper hummus. Runner-up favorite: The Hollywood snack (I suppose since I fled LA for NYC this may have something to do with it coming in 2nd place) comes with honey wheat pretzels, cubed white cheddar cheese, red seedless grapes and crisps apples. I dove into both of these packs and was pleasantly surprised to find fresh, mouth-watering fruit. While these two must be refrigerated, it’s the best thing to store at home or at work, not to mention, a great tool for my ongoing fight against M&M’s.

If you’re looking for more oomph, they have three other low calorie snack packs, plus a variety of salads to choose from. While I haven’t tried the other ones, I imagine they are equally as fresh and filling.

For more information visit Lifestylefoods.com

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