The spa can be a strange and unusual place. The fact that the environment often requires that you disrobe makes the whole experience a bit awkward. Not to mention being cooped up in a small room with a therapist! I could go on and on, but decided to ask readers to share some embarrassing spa moments with us.

“I was at Ole Henrkisen in West Hollywood and had a treatment in a heated room that involved a lot of water and steam. I stayed in the room to shower after the treatment was over and as I was showering, I started to lose my peripheral vision, which I know means I’m close to fainting. I grabbed my robe, shampoo still in my hair and made towards the door. The next thing I know, I was lying in the doorway naked with a therapist standing over me telling me everything was OK. Everyone at Ole was very nice about it!” – Anne

“I was at Le Source some years back and got a great Swedish massage, and the therapist had me so relaxed that I fell asleep and started farting. I woke up during one of the rips, and was so embarrassed. When I asked if I had just farted, she said, “you were passing gas for the past 15 minutes.” I felt awful. She tried to comfort me by saying it happens a lot, but that didn’t help.” – Anon

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