Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a first-time poser, we can help you find a yoga mat that suits your lifestyle.

Yogamatic.com YBRID Eco Yoga Mat | $85
Why it’s Om-tastic: You can do the downward dog on the moon. Create a personalized mat with an image (use your own or one from Yogamatic’s gallery). Made with superior grip and image durability, these will last. They are custom printed in Santa Monica, CA, and come with a carrying bag.
Materials: 98% natural rubber and some recycled content.
Weight: 6lbs

Manduka Black Mat Pro | $85
Why it’s Om-tastic: This is the Buddha of yoga mats. Created ten years ago from architect-turned-yogi Peter Sterios, this thick, dense mat is used by yoga teachers worldwide. It provides superior comfort and cushioning with a non-slip fabric finish. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Materials: Zero-waste, which means it’s emissions-free manufactured for recycling, and is also OekoTex certified.
Weight: 7lbs

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat | $68
Why it’s Om-tastic: Perfect for the yogi on the go. The younger brother to the Black Mat Pro, the PROlite is a lighter option with the same top quality and comfort. The slip-resistant mat comes in five vibrant colors, so you get more color options with the stellar Manduka brand.
Materials: Zero-waste, which means it’s emissions-free manufactured for recycling, and is also OekoTex certified.
Weight: 4lbs

Barefoot Yoga The Original Eco Yoga Mat | $72 – $76
Why it’s Om-tastic: Rated #1 by The New York Times for environmentally friendly yoga mats, this one is highly durable and is a hybrid of a cloth surface and sticky mat. Barefoot Yoga says it “feels like walking on the earth’s surface.” Choose from four earth-tone colors.
Materials: Composed exclusively of all-natural rubber and jute fiber (a renewable source).
Weight: 4.5 – 6lbs

Air Yoga Mat | $50
Why it’s Om-tastic: This lightweight mat is perfect for the jet-setting yogi. The high density fabric protects against certain allergies to rubber or latex, and is made of safe and environmentally materials. It has a polyester and non-toxic silicone anti-slip surface and is machine washable.
Materials: 100% polyester
Weight: Light as air

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