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I’ve always been the girl that tried to squeeze a workout in during lunch break, or go on a jog in the middle of a road trip (I’m not kidding). Sometimes I was lucky and had access to a shower, and other times I’ve had to make do with baby wipes and such.

I decided to try the Rocket Shower (the name alone puts a smile on my face), because it’s a natural body cleanser that comes in a spray bottle. It uses witch hazel and grapefruit peel oil to eliminate odor and bacteria.

Last night was like every night: I had 90 minutes between the time I got home from work and when I needed to be present at a birthday dinner. I decided it was the night to give the rocket ship a try.

I finished my workout, raced to the bathroom and whipped out the spray bottle. The kit comes with two microfiber fast-drying towels, but they need to be washed first and I didn’t have time for that. I’ll admit, since I was standing in my own bathroom I used facewash. I was already there, and, well, I had to slap makeup back on so I felt like lathering some suds on my face. But I used the Rocket Shower everywhere else. Yes, everywhere. It had a very faint scent, felt cool on my skin, and dried quickly. I didn’t smell like I just worked out anymore. I used a towel to “dry off” and got dressed for the dinner.

And to complete the whole smoke and mirror effect I had going, I used dry shampoo on my hair (why am I telling you this?). No one knew.

Pros: It’s super easy to use, and takes less than 30 seconds to apply everywhere. The vitamin E left my skin soft, and I smelled decent.

Cons: It might be completely mental, but I didn’t “think” I was clean.

Overall, this is an amazing solution for women always on the go.

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