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  1. Bianca S.

    My mother and I went to Bowie Day Spa (in MD). Her for a facial, myself a mani & pedi. While me and my mom waited we filled out the paperwork there was a woman near by getting her eyebrows done. I always fill out my moms forms so I was in the process of doing so asking her questions about her skin like: is their any problem areas (no), what is your daily routine (warm water), do you use any moisturizers (no), are their anythings you want to change about your skin (no)…my mom’s responses are in parenthese, lol. When we finished, my mom and I laughed at the fact that she really had no purpose of getting a facial in her eyes and she was proud of her skin like it was. The next thing we know the woman who was doing working on the woman’s eyebrows came over and said to my mom “I am going to get you” my mom looked and the lady told her to follow her to the room. The woman was the person to give my mom the facial and she said @ 49 water is not the only thing my mom should have been putting on her face. Needless to say an hour lady once my mom came out the room (totally relaxed to the point where she wanted to take the woman home with her) she told me I needed to take her to the store to get some things for her skin. I guess she learned her lesson.


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