Wouldn’t it be nice to have the luxury to visit the spa every week, or heck, even every day? For those of us who can’t enjoy that privilege, we have to settle with recreating a spa in our own bathrooms.

Pevonia Botanica makes it a little easier to turn your shower and tub into a sauna and steam room. Their Spa-At-Home Essentials pack includes anti-stress bath and shower gel, moisturizer, a body scrub, bath salts and a lavender scented candle. Everything comes in a great travel pouch.

This morning I decided to turn my bathroom into a spa. The essentials kit smelled like lavender, and immediately I felt that spa-sation that I get when walking into one. I lit the candle to set the mood, and got in the shower. The body scrub is lighter than other scrubs, but definitely felt like it was exfoliating my skin. The shower gel is creamy and a little goes a long way. I completed the line with the moisturizer that was very silky and smells great. I didn’t have time to test out the bath salts, but I am looking forward to adding them to my next bath.

This kit is something I would take with me on the go, or keep at home in my bathroom when I’m feeling the need to be pampered.

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