My relationship with the AMC hit Mad Men is a complicated one. The acting, writing, and art direction are mostly impeccable, but I often find myself wishing that something more exciting than excessive drinking, misogyny, and brooding would occur. Imagine my rapture when two very exciting things happened on Sunday’s episode: first, a visiting ad exec from Britain needed to have his foot amputated after a secretary ran over it with a John Deere, and second, Draper, Sterling, and the crew went to a proto-spa!

In preparation for a linchpin business meeting, the Sterling-Cooper execs retreated to a men’s grooming parlor to strategize. Roger got his trademark silver locks trimmed and shaped, all the while conferring with Don about their company’s future while the latter had his shoulders pummeled. Given Mad Men’s anal-retentive commitment to getting every period detail perfect, we can assume this was no anachronism, and it makes sense. In a world where slick outer appearances meant everything, why wouldn’t powerful ad execs make sure their exteriors provided no material for criticism?

Modern guys—you don’t have to emulate the bad behavior of these mad men in order to pick up a little of their charm. You can still enjoy a Draper-like experience today at John Allan’s for Men, with locations in New York and Chicago. Just like AMC’s 1963 New York, John Allan’s provides men’s grooming services including scalp massaging shampoos, haircuts, manicures, and shoeshines.

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