Photo courtesy of Pevonia Botanica

I’m a firm believer that how you treat your body and skin in your twenties greatly affects how you will age during the course of your life. I use eye cream, but I have been starting to feel that it is time to focus on an additional aging-prone area: my neck and chest.

Despite all that I know about sun damage, I’m guilty of worshiping the bright yellow ball in the sky wearing minimal sun screen (does SPF 4 count?). But I’m going to try to reverse the potential damage and prevent unwanted wrinkles on my neck and chest with Pevonia Botanica’s restorative anti-aging treatments.

I’ve been testing out the Restore Neck and Bust Concentrate and Cream only for a few nights, so I can’t say that I’ve turned back the clock on my skin yet, but I am hopeful for future results. Both products smell of gardenia, and more importantly they firm and tone using Kigelia Africana, Elastin and Vitamin E. Anything that reducing signs of aging, improves elasticity and smoothes lines is a must have.

Now if only I could learn to stay out of the sun, then I could save my youthful skin for a lifetime.

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