If you love indulging in soaks at the spa but don’t get the chance to do so as much as you might like, check out SpaBerry – colorful, two-person jacuzzis with all the amenities of larger tubs, including waterfalls and cup holders. Think the iPod of spas.

SpaBerry also capitalizes on this age of customization by offering a series of designed “wraps” that change the outer appearance of the tub. Choose from relaxing scenes like beaches and sunsets, or have one of your own pictures blown up and converted into a design – here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for to really embarrass a family member by choosing an unflattering picture. The SpaBerry will run you $5,000 and each additional wrap will require $399.

Do you own a hot tub? How much would you say you use it?

Photo via http://thespaberry.com/

Photo via http://thespaberry.com/

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