Maybe everyone’s got “chest brain” thanks to Breast Cancer Awareness month, but this little invention knows no season: a bra that doubles as two gas masks.

The bra’s inventor, Dr. Elena Bodnar, explains that she was inspired by tragedies like Chernobyl (she began her career studying the effects of the nuclear disaster) and 9/11. She envisioned a portable protective device that would be available when it was needed – Dr. Bodnar estimated that most women wear bras nearly every day, so a device that doubled as an undergarment would be the most accessible in case of an emergency. Dr. Bodnar’s invention was honored at the 2009 Ig Nobel awards, a ceremony that singles out scientific work that “first make[s] people laugh, and then make[s] them think.”

What about you? Are you going to trade in your La Perla (which absolutely will not save your life one day, I feel compelled to point out) for Dr. Bodnar’s brainchild? As a fairly notorious worrywart, I might laugh at this in public, but in secret I’d definitely wear one. I’d wear 10. And, if you laughed at me, I wouldn’t share in the case of an emergency.

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