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Wage slaves and 9-5ers may often dream of throwing caution to the wind and heading for parts tropical and unknown, but few actually do – perhaps because it involves leaving behind a steady income and job security. Maybe also partly because of malaria.

But what if you could keep your job and head to the tropics? Now we’re talking.

Enter CocoVivo, a retreat located in Bocas del Toro, Panama. CocoVivo is a sort of tropical commune for creative and IT-types (sorry bus drivers, doctors, lawyers, and salespeople – doesn’t look like a lot of opportunity for growth here). The retreat provides basic but comfortable housing for both short and long-term stays, with the idea that a change in venue can also bring a change in productivity and creativity. They provide the Internet, bed, and mosquito netting – you have to bring your own willpower to get your work done despite the temptation of hiking, swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding, fishing, snorkeling, and exploring the nearby towns of Almirantes and Bocas.

Making arrangements seems like an informal process (they’re organized by e-mailing the founder) but it appears that those with a skill and/or willingness to contribute to the upkeep and expansion of CocoVivo are most welcome.

Would you leave it all behind and head for the islands? I have to say that the addition of Internet makes the prospect way more appealing. Maybe I can convince my boss that blogging from the beach will give me some absolutely crucial insight into wellness and relaxation.

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