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This Halloween, a psychic in the UK is going to use Twitter just as it was always intended to be used: as a seance tool to contact dead celebrities in the afterlife. Now, you may be giggling, but Spa Week is completely serious when we say we’ve got some grooming, makeup, and lifestyle questions for some famously beautiful historical ladies. Ghosts, listen up!

Queen Elizabeth

First of all, our hearty congratulations for ruling England. It’s an accomplishment to be proud of and whatnot. You’re obviously a smart lady, so we’ve got a beauty question for you. What gives with the lead makeup? Maybe pale was in but, baby, was it worth slathering your face in poison?

Helen of Troy

You drove men mad and, as story has it, your beauty started the Trojan war. Helen, we’ve got to tell you we just don’t believe it. Listen: you spent your life playing and sailing in the hot Greek sun and you didn’t have any sunscreen and yet we are to believe you kept your queenly beauty to a ripe old age? No way, lady.


Cleo, you captivated the leaders of two different countries, so clearly something was working, and you were right about all that kohl—the smoky eye made a major comeback this year. We’ve gotta give you props for being ahead of your time. Our only question is this: you didn’t drink the milk after you bathed in it, did you?

Marie Antoinette

Oh, Marie. Your unfortunate tenure as Queen of France ended with you on a most unfortunate & literal chopping block, upon which you were beheaded. Sweets, that is tough. It’s not like life was all peaches and roses for you, either. Most of France hated your dummy hubby and so they hated you, too, without even knowing you! It’s enough to stress any girl out, so we’ve gotta ask: why on earth wouldn’t you keep the cake for yourself?

Stay tuned, because for the next two weeks we’re going to be thinking up more questions and nominating them for the Twitter seance. You can help! Let us know what spa lifestyle questions you want to ask and who you want to post them to (remember, they’ve gotta be dead), and we’ll tweet away!

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  1. cnyspagirl

    I would like to ask Princess Diana three questions:

    1) What was the secret to her beautiful skin
    2) How she always managed to look so well rested
    3) How she always appeared so calm

    Michele McIntyre
    National Spa examiner


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