Photo By Ray Dumas Via

Photo By Ray Dumas Via


How many times have you been asked “What are you being?” in the past month? Enough already! I have a different question: Are you being something you secretly want to be in real life?

I believe that’s a YES.

Superman! Cinderella! An Arabian Princess who moonlights as a plumber! Bubble Boy! Halloween is the time to embrace the freedom of morphing into anyone or anything in the world… or your own world. But let’s be honest, there’s a small – if not huge – part of you that is dying to take on the attributes of this character on an everyday basis, and I’m going to help you do it.

When planning out your Halloween persona this year, start thinking ahead about how to get more mileage out of your costume, your imagination, and even make a fashion statement in the process.


Vampires made a huge comeback this year, and I’m villing to bet that many of you vill vant to suck my blood this Halloween too.

Take Home Notes:
GLOVES: Use them to fancy-up a little cocktail dress, or for a more everyday glam approach, pair with a short sleeved shirt and jeans.
HAT: Last week I bought a headpiece just like this – and it’s not for Halloween! If you dare, try a wacky headpiece the weekend AFTER. Think Gaultier.

Come on, who doesn’t want to run around pre-Christopher Columbus America chasing wildebeests?

Take Home notes:
DRESS: Yes, the dress. Except we’re only going to see the bottom half because you’re going to wear a sweater, textured tights and boots.
HEADBAND: You might want to take off the feather… or you might not. Crowning the head with a decorative band is chic – and way more 2009 than 1492.


Being the most brilliant, cynical, quippy baby in the entire world is without a doubt something we all wish we could turn back time to do.

THE PLASTIC BUTT: You can’t see it here, but I bet you know where you would find it. Forget about the gym, get rock hard buns in seconds flat!
THE HEAD: Use as a laptop carrier case. Your computer just became genius.


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  1. Salvia

    hahaha, the Stewie costume looks excellent! I didn’t know you could do one of those given the size of the cartoon character. Congrats to the inventor.


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