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Happy Birthday, Girl Talk! We dedicate this Monday to the musical madman known as DJ Girl Talk, and encourage you to get swept away by his brilliant digital mashups if you haven’t already.

Girl Talk’s Feed The Animals is one of my all-time favorite workout albums (an hour of nonstop, adrenaline-pumping,  decade-sweeping decadence), and it just so happened to be playing on my iPod yesterday when I roller bladed past a kiosk giving away free Girl Talk concert tickets in exchange for test driving the new Kia Soul.

My friend and I drove the artsy new car around the block, landing us just hours later in a musical moshpit of Girl Talk glory. He’s more of a chemist than a DJ, with the ability to melt 80s tunes into Lil Wayne, throwing it into a cauldron of fiery techno, evaporating it into an airy solo by Mariah, then stirring in a David Guetta/Miley Cirus chemical reaction. It’s electrifying, and it’s no surprise he majored Chemical Engineering.

So, who’s a fan already? And who’s going to test drive him like a Kia?

Download Feed The Animals and Girl Talk’s other albums here… and wish him a happy birthday while you’re at it!

Read more about Kia’s Soul Collective campaign here.


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