Trick or treat? Apparently you can do both.

Peas Of Mind disguises vegetables as French Fries, and I think it’s brilliant! Now if only candy companies made an effort to promote peace – or peas – of mind this Halloween, November would be a much easier month for moms, dentists and anyone watching their diet in any way.

I liked this concept so much that I decided to test out a version of it on my coworkers today. If you disguise celery as a Tootsie Roll, does everybody win?

Project Tootcelery. (Like my cutting board? Got it at the MoMa.)

Project Tootcelery. (Like my cutting board? It’s from the MoMa.)

celery tootsie rollsAnswer: YES.

Kaitlin said, “I’m so happy it was celery… I wasn’t even in the mood for chocolate. A healthy, crunchy little surprise!”

Moms, how bout it?

Happy Halloween.

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  1. Madison (MST)

    LOL That’s too funny. I love it. Only I think I’d probably end up with egg on my front door if I were to hand those out…. Assuming they could figure out which house…. hehehe.


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