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The Queen of Candyland... or Glut?

As if this time of year isn’t tempting enough… I decided to invite dozens of bags of candy and chocolate into my home for the purpose of designing a Halloween costume entirely out of sweets. The candy bra inspired the ensemble – it was a birthday gift from a friend last year that I simply HAD to incorporate into a costume. And voila!

From head (a 2,280-calorie cotton candy headpiece) to toe (896-calorie candy button legwarmers) I fully embraced my sweet side… and my sweet tooth. I was seriously kidding myself to think I could maintain any level of self-control while taping, stringing, melding and wearing my sugary masterpiece. After calculating, I estimate the consumption of no fewer than 4000 calories throughout the process. Yikes!

When Halloween was over I promptly cut my way out of the dress and – after a few last goodbye bites – discarded my diet’s biggest enemy thinking: why couldn’t I have gotten a broccoli bra?

This is clearly an extreme case, but the subject of self-control is one that so many of us deal with each and every day. Does your ability to resist temptation change with the season? Your emotions? The people you’re with? I’m constantly trying to crack the code! Do you have any self-control tricks – or solace – to share with me and the rest of us?

And one last question… was it worth it?

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  1. Faith

    This is amazing Michelle! so creative!

    With the holidays I am always tempted to eat until I drop, but I try to work out a bit more so hopefully it balances itself out. Not sure if works though lol


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