If you take wholesome potatoes, apply heat and pressure to “pop” it into a chip, then season it with fine ingredients for a tasty, crispy, healthy snack – and let people taste it just once – you are a genius. I’m talking about Popchips, and I’m talking about the most delicious, addictive 100 calorie snack I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been inspired to put together this little list and can’t help but wonder: is there anybody (else) out there?

10 Signs You Might Need Popchip Rehab

1.    For your birthday your roommate gives you a bag of Popchips and a card… and you are thrilled.

2.    You purchase Popchips every time you go to Duane Reade, but the cashier always scans a bag of crumbs and kindly throws it away for you.

3.    You express audible disappointment when a bodega owner tells you they do not carry Popchips.

4.    @popchips is in your Twitter Trend Cloud.

5.    You don’t buy large bags of Popchips because you know you’d finish them all at once.

6.    Similarly, you don’t buy Popchips in bulk for fear that you’d never eat anything else.

7.    You frequently find yourself on “Popchip Missions,” hunting down bags at 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the morning alike.

8.    You call yourself a foodie but are perfectly content having Popchips as a snack while strolling around a city with unique food options on every corner.

9.    You spend considerable amounts of time wondering how a potato is “popped” (never fried! never baked!), and dream of one day visiting the Popchip factory.

10.    You receive a surprise, complementary basket of Popchips at your office on a Tuesday morning – with love from the Popchips Headquarters!

pop chip paradise popchips popchips popchips

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Thank you Popchips!

If I ever end up in Popchip Rehab, I’ll be sure to give them my address there, too.

We want to know… if it’s not Popchips, is there a snack rehab where YOU belong? Comment below!

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