philosphy gingerbread man
Do you think about the Gingerbread Man in the shower?

You might want to start. Last night, beloved bath and body brand Philosophy hosted their Holiday Gift Preview, and guess who inspired it all? Yes, Mr. Gingerbread Man himself.

A Disneyland-like tour took guests through the extensive collection of festive bath, body and beauty gift sets, each one smelling more delicious than the last. Peppermint hot cocoa, eggnog, melting marshmallow, red velvet cake, milk and cookies, cinnamon buns, raspberry mousse and candy canes had somehow found their way into lotions, shower gels, body scrubs and lip glosses… and the result was a confectionery paradise.

To cap off the tour, guests had the chance to play with colorful frosting, sprinkles and tiny chocolates to craft two gingerbread men of their own – one for themselves and one for a child less fortunate .

Mine ended up looking a little thug-like, but nevertheless, I hope to spread the same sweet holiday spirit that Philosophy has infused in every delectable creation and charming gift set!

The Gingerbread Man is also hosting an instant-win game for the holidays where you can win one of 5 prizes every day, or a $2500 shopping spree.

gingerbread man philosophy philosophy game

Yeah, he definitely wants to shower with you.

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