Lucky friday the 13th

Black cats, red shoes, open umbrellas… if you fear any of these things will bring bad luck, you’ve probably felt that way since childhood. Most superstitious beliefs are instilled in a person at a young age, when the mind is malleable, when theories turn into fun and games, and when everything is believable. And while some of these beliefs melt away, many of them we hold on to into adulthood. Even if you don’t really believe that a broken mirror will bring seven years of bad luck… have you ever been just a little bit worried?

Whether you’re superstitious or not on this Friday the 13th of November, you’d probably feel very lucky having any of these age old superstitions in your closet. Those glasses… those booties… I die!

Wait, bad choice of words.

Balmain Suede buckled ankle boots, $1,
Proenza Schouler Extended Cat Eye Sunglasses, $
Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella, $
Stila Cosmetics Eye Shadow Pan – Black Cat at DermStore, $

Quote of the day: “Luck is believing you’re lucky.”–Tennessee Williams

So go luck yourself.

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