avocado masher and the best food gifts
Little luxuries are all around us if you know where to look – be it a bright red lipstick that makes you feel like a movie star on a Monday morning, a mini-facial that makes you glow inside and out, or a book that takes you to the other side of the world. These tiny everyday gems are anxiously waiting to be discovered by you and wrapped with a bow, and each chapter of the LLGG seeks to deliver a new morsel of inspiration to you and your holiday season. Fancy shmancy is out; it’s those legendary “small packages” that hold the key to a perfect season of giving.

Promote health by giving a gift that is healthy in the most literal sense. But don’t be boring about it – food should be fun and never taken quite too seriously!

1. Wine of the Month Club

There are thousands of Wine Of The Month Clubs, none of which I feel comfortable recommending because I, myself, have never been part of such a club (hint hint). Google one and sign your favorite wino up!

2. Wickwood Spice Rack with Spices from Tubularspices.com – $150.99

For a cook with limited counter space and a fondness for rustic simplicity. Or a chef who has chemic tendencies. A full set of 40 spices in a 10 X 6 inch space.

3. The Ultimate Healthy Gift Basket from gourmetgiftbaskets.com

I can’t vouch for all the food that would show at their doorstep… but it sure beats a box o chocolates on both the health and creativity scales.

4. Whitefish Roe Sampler by Tsar Nicoulai, available at DeanDeluca.com

Remember that lavish party you went to when a friend of yours fell in love with the caviar? Hopefully they didn’t glob it on Larry David style, but gracious or not, the last thing they’re expecting this holiday is caviar. Surprise them… and you can also tell them they’re packed with iron, vitamin A, and other nutrients. Or not.

5. An avocado and avocado masher couplet. Masher available at Amazon.com

Your extra-guacamole-plus-guacamole-on-the-side friend will love you forever.

spa week gift card sale

Think someone might mash YOU with an avocado masher if that showed up under their Christmas tree? Or, maybe you don’t believe in healthy food gifts because you’re afraid the recipient might read into it as a “lose weight hint”? Play it safe and give a healthy gift that’s sure to please everyone on your list – send them for a rejuvenating treatment this holiday. $100 SPA WEEK® Gift Cards are on sale for just $80, $150 cards are on sale for $120, and so forth. They’re redeemable all year ’round at spas throughout North America. How delicious is that?

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