little luxury report crest whitestrips The Little Luxury: Crest Whitestrips

Rhymes with: Best Lightening Whips

Relationship Status: On and off for 7 years, but totally in love.

Nickname: The whitest square you’ll ever meet

How it works: You place an adhesive plastic strip snugly around your teeth and let it sit anywhere from 5 minutes to a half hour, depending on which variety you’re using. Teeth become gradually whiter.

Does it do what it says it’ll do? For me, very much so! My teeth have gotten significantly whiter over the last few years and it definitely makes a difference in how I feel about my smile. It’s also gone beyond the call of duty for me; I see immediate noticeable differences after using them each time.  People will often tell me my teeth look SO white, and it’s always right after I use a strip. Comes in handy for special events.

The latest: They recently came out with the 5 minute version + tartar protection you see above. I’ve used them a couple of times but ended up keeping them on for a half hour anyway! No noticeable difference.

Trial and error: Back when I started using them, I had trouble keeping them on my teeth for the full half hour. Of course now that there’s the 5 minute option, I’ll forget it’s even there and let it sit on my teeth for hours. I’m not recommending that though – it can strip your enamel.

Advice for First Time User: These are not for everyone. If your teeth get tingly you won’t want to continue. But if you’re just having trouble keeping it on your teeth… perseverance, my dear!

It might be just me but…: I ONLY do my top teeth because my bottom teeth are too sensitive. My top teeth can withstand hours, but my bottoms get tingly after just a few minutes. This system works okay for me because my teeth are on the whiter side to begin with, and also, my bottom teeth don’t show when I talk or smile.

Putting a price on it: $34.99 at Overstock Drugstore

Hot Stone Scale: 5 out of 6
This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Michelle Joni

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