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The laser is taking my temperature: 104 degrees. Take that, fat cells!

If you’ve heard of Velashape, it’s likely because you’ve heard about it being used either by new moms who want their before-the-baby body back, by women to reduce cellulite on the thighs, or by Kim Kardashian, who got her famous butt famously done last year.

To find out the real deal behind this trim-down med-spa trend, I’ve decided to try it out at Vela-Spa in New York City.

Velashape, in the simplest of terms, is a method of contouring your body by heating up, zapping and shrinking your fat cells non-invasively from the outside, the same way diet and exercise shrinks them from within. It requires a wand (let’s just call it a magic wand) that trims down and smoothes out your loving spoonful—be it cellulite on your butt and thighs or a little extra jelly in the belly—using FDA-approved radio waves, infared light and a massaging vacuum.

Sound painful? Wrong! Last night I went for my third of five total treatments, and the only real discomfort I’ve experienced thus far is that of someone whole-heartedly pummeling into the part of my body that makes me cringe the most: My Tummy. It’s actually a rather enjoyable experience because my medical esthetician Abby is sweet as pie and has absolutely no tummy to be found… an inspiration indeed.

I bet your primary question though, more so than if it hurts or whether Abby is a size 12 or 2, is whether or not VelaShape is effective. I cannot yet answer this fully and properly because I’m only halfway through my treatment, but I do have some good leads:

– All 3 sessions have left me with the same immediate feeling: that tight, lean, tingle after a great abdominal workout. Since both VelaShape and an abs routine seek similar results, to get really scientific about it, I’d say it’s a good sign.

– After my second session last week is when I started to feel a difference that lasted more than a night. I wouldn’t say I saw results per se, but I definitely felt slightly tighter and more flat-stomachy this past week. And after my third session, I have to honestly say I’m feeling even more so.

VelaShape has proven to do wonders for many women (and men!) and can take inches off your body if it’s right for you. One of the important things to know, though, is that you can’t eat a burger and a cheesecake and think “the Vela will take care of it” the next day. Not gonna happen. It’s not a miracle worker, and it will take commitment on your end if you want see optimal results. Just like any in trim-down plan, exercising regularly and eating well are simply two things you cannot escape. That and drinking LOTS of green tea—doctor’s orders!

Check back as I take you with me through the next few sessions and let’s see how this goes! In three weeks from today I’m going to be sitting on a beach in Hawaii in a bikini—flat tummy or not—and I can only hope that between this and my new NO-EXCUSES attitude I’ll be ready to get my hula on.

VelaShape Video, coming in January! You’ll be able to watch VelaShape in action, learn all about it from Abby and see if it’s something you’ll want to do for yourself, and possibly get a dose or two of inner monologue from yours truly.

Treatment sponsored by Vela-Spa.

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