Photo by Amy Via https://www.flickr.com/photos/irulan_amy/

If you celebrate Christmas and are alive (and maybe even if you don’t celebrate Christmas and/or are not alive), you’ve probably seen the holiday classic A Christmas Story. Devoid of the treacly sentmentalism that permeates most holiday movies, A Christmas Story is unsentimental, mildly offensive in parts, and yet somehow still manages to capture the warmth and magic of the holidays as seen through young eyes.

Photo by Amy Via https://www.flickr.com/photos/irulan_amy/

Photo by Amy Via https://www.flickr.com/photos/irulan_amy/

Well, 4 lucky people can recapture that childhood magic…at the right price. An Ohio education charity is auctioning off a two-night stay for four at the Cleveland house A Christmas Story was filmed in. The stay will, of course, include dinner at the Chinese restaurant featured in the movie and a memento leg lamp. I imagine this little holiday getaway will drop for a pretty penny, but if you have some thousands lying around gathering dust it would be a pretty unforgettable trip! You can bid here.

Many of you are probably planning to travel during the holidays (even if you’re not planning to spend your getaway in Cleveland at this particular house), but even if you’re staying put, movies can be little getaways in their own right, a vacation you can take without ever having to set foot in a train station or airport.  Do you have a favorite holiday movie, one that transports you somewhere else for a few hours, one that you watch every year?

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