As you know, we’re currently very interested in how to make fitness a part of an everyday routine. That’s a hard enough task during the year, but it can seem near impossible during busy times like the holidays–and for families and parents, carving out time to hit the gym or the running/biking trails can seem like a joke. But it doesn’t have to be! To figure out how to fit it all in, we consulted with an expert. In addition to being a teacher,  Rachel of Fit Mom’s Blog is a mother of 2 who still finds time to make fitness a part of her family’s daily routine. She very nicely agreed to let us in on her tips for making fitness part of every day, during the holidays and all year round!

Rachel makes fitness a family affair!

Rachel makes fitness a family affair!

What was your fitness routine before you became a mom? How did it change when you become one? I was both a runner and a cyclist competing regularly in events. I had run 2 marathons prior to my first child and raced competitively as a road cyclist in local criteriums. After baby number 1, I signed up and trained for my third marathon within 6 months of his birth. I run San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon with Team in Training. I finished in 4 hours 11 minutes and had to leave to breast feed immediately after finishing!

With baby number one, I was still able to run (with a jogger) and cycle in the garage on the trainer (I pulled his pack n’ play into the garage so that I could get a quickie workout.) But, my training was “on the go” and minimal at best. 30 minutes here or there…

What was the best fitness advice you ever received from someone else? Just do what you can!

What’s the best fitness advice you’ve ever given? Do what you love.

What do you do to make sure you take time for yourself during busy times of year? I am now working out with a trainer at my local Cross Fit gym. We start at either 5 or 6 in the morning and I’m out the door in one hour. On off days, I continue to practice yoga, trail running or cycling. When you love so many things, it’s hard to give up a day for rest!

Tell us about your favorite fitness activity the whole family can do together. We bike ride together or we (the kids and I) do yoga together. My oldest is now six and can ride his own bike and I can carry my youngest (at 3) in a Burley.

Describe your favorite quick exercise! If I only have 15 minutes to work out, I can do a high interval workout using only a kettlebell and my body weight. I will alternate squats, swings with pushups or burpees!

Do you have any advice or tips for moms hoping to keep their fitness schedules on track during busy times like the holidays? Make fitness a priority in your life and make huge efforts to have it on your calendar before any other event can take it’s place. Have a “go to” workout buddy to keep you accountable. Work hard during the workout so you can relax at the party later!

Earning the party…good advice if we ever heard it. Thanks, Rachel! You can follow her on-the-go advice on her Twitter, and be sure to check back with us for more on Michelle’s fitness journey with Equinox gyms.

 In the comments, let us know how you find time for fitness during busy times of year!

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