The Little Luxury: Eating soup in bed

Relationship Status: Old friends

The thing you’ll love most: Climbing under the bedcovers to drink a mug of hot soup is the only effective way, on a cold winter’s night, to directly apply warmth both inside and outside of your body. Added bonus of applying delicious to your stomach.

It might be just me but…: I like those packets of instant miso soup. The dehydrated tofu leaves a lot to be desired, but the seaweed is picture perfect and the miso flavor is strong. It’s probably better to eat soup that wasn’t powdered a mere 5 minutes before, but in a pinch this will do.

Perfect pairing because: Despite being simple and free, eating soup in bed feels delightfully indulgent. You will feel like a Victorian invalid, in the fun way.

Advice from me to you: Use a big mug rather than a bowl, and choose a sippable soup to minimize spillage (that means save clam chowder for the table, sloppy.)

A Good Reminder That: Daily pleasures don’t have to be something bought, and keeping the cold out can be fun in itself.


The price: Whatever you had to pay to make/buy soup

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Meghan

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