Since we’ve last convened on the topic of fitness… not including yesterday’s “Get Moving!” Little Luxury Gift Guide or, well, Fit Mom’s “how to find time for fitness” (okay, it’s an important topic), I’ve  had two workout sessions at Equinox on 19th street and Broadway in NYC with two very different yet equally awesome trainers, Tom and Rich. I left feeling fantastic both times and had just the right amount soreness the next day. Heyyy endorphins.

The #1 takeaway that has helped firmed up the NO EXCUSES attitude that’s so vital to success: You do NOT have to kill yourself to get an incredible workout! In fact, if your heart rate is too high and you’re pushing yourself too hard, you’re not going to be burning the right calories to get the results you desire. Take it from those grannies… they’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got, and so can you. I’ve had a few one-offs with trainers at different gyms in the past, and every single one of them (who hadn’t first assessed my condition) made me believe that the “I’m gonna pass out” sensation is they key to dropping a dress size. Not the case. It’s important to test your limits, but if you ever feel like you’re working with a bully, it’s time to find a new trainer.

On a similar note, I’d like to address another common gym problem that many, including myself, encounter (beyond “getting there”). If you’re not an avid exerciser, there’s a good chance you’ll get dizzy when you begin to test your limits. Dizziness is not to be confused with your limits in ability or physical endurance or, in my case, exercise-induced asthma.

The misconception was cleared up by both Tom and Rich: Dizziness occurs simply because not enough oxygen is getting into your bloodstream, a problem that will lessen as your heart opens up, literally and figuratively, to a regular exercise routine. If you feel lightheaded, BREAK for a minute. Sit, have some water, let the dizziness pass, and don’t pass out. Be excited knowing that your endurance will strengthen not only because your muscles will, but because your body will learn how to accept more oxygen and make you WANT to keep going.

Phew! Check back over the next few months as I get into more specifics, and please let me know your fitness questions and concerns so I can address them too. I have so many of my own so I could probably write for days, but if there’s something specific I can talk about that could help point you in the right direction, that’s my ultimate goal here! Well, that and looking SLAMMIN in a bikini in 13 days and then living until I’m 107.

But baby steps.

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