Little luxuries are all around us if you know where to look – be it a bright red lipstick that makes you feel like a movie star on a Monday morning, a mini-facial that makes you glow inside and out, or a book that takes you to the other side of the world. These tiny everyday gems are anxiously waiting to be discovered by you and wrapped with a bow, and each chapter of the LLGG seeks to deliver a new morsel of inspiration to you and your holiday season. Fancy shmancy is out; it’s those legendary “small packages” that hold the key to a perfect season of giving.

Chapter 11 and gifts for your significant other… and no, no one’s going bankrupt! To bring you the best in couples gift recommendations, I consulted with Dating and Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash for inspiration. Her newest book “He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing)” will be coming out in April 2010. Until then, enjoy these picks that hopefully are your type.

Andrea Says: Gifting an experience is the BEST gift a couple can give to each other. Book a candlelit massage, return to your first date spot or hire a chef to make you a special dinner at home. Take a cooking course together. Creating a unique memory is often more meaningful than a material gift.

1. Rather than using your creativity to reminisce with a scrapbook of your best Kodak moments, cater a brand new memory to cherish for scrapbooks (or Facebook albums) to come.

Andrea says: Create a spa at home. Buy your date bath oils and massage gels with a gift certificate for a service performed by you.

2. Nutcracker Sweet 3-in-1 Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Shampoo, available at bathandbodyworks.com – Was $10, now $5

Infuse festive holiday spirit into your bathtub with this nutty-scented reminder that you have a fun, snowy Friday-night-in ahead of you.

Andrea says: Buy a gift based on a goal you have together. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to travel to Spain, buy some items you may need for your trip or enroll you and your partner in language lessons.

3. Spanish Vocabulary Challenge by William Fleig & Cathy Wilson, available at learningthings.com – $7.96

In between language lessons, challenge each other grade-school style.

Andrea says: The key thing when you are buying a gift for your partner is playing into his or her passions. If he’s passionate about golf, but him cuff links with golf clubs, accessories for the game or a round of golf on a new course. If she loves music, gift her love songs that make you think of her on iTunes.

4. Fame Monster by Lady GaGa, available at Tower.com – $8.99

Men… if she doesn’t have the CD already there’s a good chance she wants it.

5. Golf Inspired Mousepad, read more here – $16

He’d probably enjoy a real round of golf more… or Apple’s new touch mouse. But you get the idea.

6. Love Baseball by Bergino, available at Vivre.com – $25

If your special someone is passionate about both baseball and loving you… what better way to hit your holidays out of the ballpark?

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