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africanhenriksen-picThe Little Luxury: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Revolution Kit

Relationship status: We’ve been dating for about 2 months now but I’m already head over heels

Nickname: Tea Time

6 Steps to Gorgeous Skin:
Step 1- I wash my face twice a day with the African Red tea foaming cleanser- the citrusy smell really wakes me up in the morning.
Step 2- I spray a few spritzes of the African red tea face mist onto a cotton ball and rub on my face- this toner is so refreshing.
Step 3- 1 or 2 pumps of the African red tea see the difference serum and apply to face.
Step 4- Moisturize with the express the truth crème.
Step 5- dab a little of the visual truth eye crème under the eye area.
Step 6- finish off with the Exfoliating lip salvation- just a hint of color works great for day and exfoliates for a perfect pout while you sleep.

Does it do what it says it’ll do? I was a little hesitant with the 6- step process but it is SO worth it, and it really doesn’t take long at all. My skin has never looked so amazing. I now feel confident going out without makeup, I even forgot to put it on one day and didn’t realize until I saw my pale reflection when I got home. This stuff is definitely worth a try!

Trial and error: A little goes a long way, you don’t need more than 1 pump of the face wash, 1 or 2 pumps of mist and serum, SMALL amount of crème and a tiny dab of eye crème. I learned the hard way with this one and am almost out of my face crème!! Be frugal!

Advice for First Time User: Stick with it! No skincare regimen will work overnight. Give it some time and you’ll see the results, I started around the beginning of November and my family was raving about my complexion at Thanksgiving.

What’s more: The serum is only to be used at night and the crème doesn’t contain an SPF but don’t fret, Ole Henriksen makes some amazing moisturizers for sunburn-prone.

The thing you’ll love most: Your new-found baby soft skin and clear complexion- that and the ability to roam the city streets sans makeup (maybe a little bronzer if you’re as pale as me)

Why it’s worth the splurge: The trial kit runs at $65 and the individual (larger) products range from $15-$65 but you’ll be able to save on the cost of makeup- since you won’t need it nearly as much when you stick with this routine!

OR…we can just GIVE you one: Spa Week is giving away 10 African Red Tea Revolution Kits through January 31st, so check out our Spa Week Giveaways Page and score yourself a brand new complexion!

Perfect gift because: Everyone loves the gift of beautiful skin

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Samantha

Product provided by Ole Henriksen

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