In a word: YES.

Just yesterday I completed my fifth and final Velashape appointment at Vela-Spa in New York City. With all the hype surrounding this non-invasive med-spa treatment, I decided to test out the “magic wand” that claims to shrink fat cells and smooth cellulite. If you haven’t, read all about Velashape and my initial 3 treatments. Now that it’s over, I feel confident in reporting first hand that it was… a success. And the best news is that I will continue to see improvements over the next 6-8 weeks too.

If you go strictly according to measurements, I lost 1 inch from start to finish. Initially, my medical esthetician Abby had told me I could lose about 2 inches. I was hoping for 3 or 9. But what do inches really mean? For all I know, I could have been bloated yesterday because I had sugar-free Werthers or a salty lunch, or I could have been having a skinny day initially because it was the middle of my cycle or I hadn’t eaten in 5 hours. Inches shminches! Success, when it comes to body image, has far more accurate scales not found on a tape measure—or a scale for that matter.

I prefer these assessments:

– Are my clothes fitting better?

– Do I feel less roll-y when I sit?

– Do I feel any more agile moving around?

– Am I waking up with that great flat-bellied feeling more often?

– Am I having more “skinny days” than fat ones?

– The most important one: overall, do I feel more confident?

I can safely say that the answer to all of these is yes.

Not in a dramatic way, but I absolutely feel and see a difference in my midsection region. Maybe some of it’s because I’ve been working out a bit more, and perhaps some of it is even psychological. But then again, what body assessment isn’t?

If you struggle with a problem area or cellulite and are not looking to undergo invasive surgery, Velashape could be a treatment you’d consider investing in.

Vela-Spa on East 69th Street in New York City is very competitively priced. The spa offers two package options, which can be used for a single body region (stomach, butt and thighs, inner thighs, underarm, lower back, etc.):

– 4 treatments with 1 bonus session for $1000 (plus 20% off for Spa Week consumers)

– 8 treatments with 2 bonus session for $2000 (plus 20% off for Spa Week consumers)

This brings the treatment cost down to $160 a piece. But even better– during the SPA WEEK® Spring & Fall events, they’ve offered the first treatment at the Spa Week price of $50, and on our Spa Steals & Deals page, you’ll see they’re offering an initial Velashape treatment for $125 right now.

To compare, the average treatment in the United States, according to consumer submissions on, is $443 per session.

If you have questions about Velashape, Dr. Gold or Abby would be happy to help. You can call them at 212.288.8300 or visit their website for Velashape FAQs and information. Also, feel free to email me with any questions or first-hand tips! (example: do NOT use sunless tanner before your treatment. I learned that the hard way yesterday, as my skin heated up faster than usual because of the light reactors in the tanner.) Want more Vela-scoop? Tell me what you really want to know and I’ll post it. michelle (at) spaweekmedia (dot) com.

In January we’ll post a video inside the treatment room so you can take a closer look.

And you’ll know it really worked if at the end of the video you see me hula dancing in Hawaii next week in just my coconuts.

Treatment sponsored by Vela-Spa

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