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Velashape Body Contouring is one of the spa’s wonderful ways of non-invasively trimming and smoothing out the body over the course of 5 or 10 weeks. (Click here for more on Velashape.) But if you’re more interested in the instant-gratification of dropping 1 or 2 dress size in seconds flat—meet Dr. Rey.

Lingerie designer Bruno Shiavi and Dr. Robert Rey, Hollywood’s leading plastic surgeon from E! network’s hit show Dr. 90210, have teamed up to create Dr. Rey’s Shapewear, a 24-piece collection that combines key plastic surgery concepts with cutting edge technology and impeccable designs that enhance a woman’s best assets and disguise problem areas. It’s 100% non-invasive plastic surgery that slips on and off.

Although there’s nothing like the real thing, Dr. Rey’s Shapewear promises to smooth out your body and give you the right nip, tuck, and confidence boost you needed. Hello holidays. Say yes to that extra pumpkin pie or champagne without “showing” in your New Year’s Eve LBD. It’s a secret weapon, minus the infrared light or the big scary knife.

What’s your opinion on the modern-day corset? Do you suck it up  for the sake of sucking it all in? I, personally, usually opt for clothes that don’t require any such undergarments, but when it comes to wrap dresses and especially clingy materials, sometimes it calls for a little instant tuckification.  Dr. Rey’s prices run at a competitive $27.00-$60.00 and come in all sorts of shapes, colors, fabrics and sizes– from a stretchy bust-to-knee number to a plunging silky leotard to bras, butt-and-thigh shapers, to the lacey, chic romper pictured above.

Tell us: in a perfect world, what would you want most: Lipsuction, Velashape or a lifetime supply of Dr. Rey’s?

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