Last month, we asked you for your holiday stories – you responded via e-mail, and we picked our three favorites to share with everyone!

Here’s a good story for those battling holiday traveling this week. May your travels be as pleasant and festive!

I was traveling to my aunt’s house for Christmas a few years ago…I originally had booked a short flight for the morning of the 24th because there was a sale back in October (usually I just drive to her house) but a snowstorm the night of the 23rd grounded my plane! The airline chartered a bus to get us where we were going for the holiday since it was just a few hours’ drive…even the grinches on the bus got in the spirit when we stopped for hot chocolate. An inconvenience that could have ruined my holiday turned into one of my favorite holiday memories!

But when New Year’s Eve rolls around…be sure to keep one eye over your shoulder.

From about age 9 onward, my parents always let us stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. Now that I’m in school, late nights are not new to me, but it’s still exciting to my 10 year old brother. Last New Year’s Eve, he scared us half to death by jumping out of a hall closet at the stroke of midnight!

And finally, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s festivities. May we suggest taking your main dish for a test drive first?

My roommate decided that last Thanksgiving was the holiday to try making a turducken by hand (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken with three different stuffings separating the layers.) Needless to say the kitchen looked like a horror film and we ended up ordering out.

We here at SPA WEEK hope your holidays, however you celebrate them, are full of family, friends, and good stories! We’ll be back in full swing in January…and we’ll want to hear all about your holiday stories, so put ’em in the comments!

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