In the name of wellness 365 days a year…

28 spas in 28 cities have whipped up their most decadent day-at-the-spa packages, and in partnership, SPA WEEK® is giving them away to 28 lucky winners across North America.

Most spa-goers say the #1 reason they go to the spa is for relaxation, so we’ve worked with many of our prestigious spas to create the National Wellness Giveaway campaign, seeking to remind everyone of the extensive wellness benefits of the spa– from daily energy and heart health to long-term cancer prevention.

To kick off a bright 2010 of health, balance and longevity, we present to you the 1st Annual National Wellness Giveaway, our biggest spa giveaway to date! Be one of 28 lucky winners to represent national wellness in their region by winning a day at the spa.

See the full list of participating spas and treatments and all the giveaway details at, and check back here on Spa Week Daily over the next 2 months for up-close looks at each spa and the sanctuary of tranquility and health that awaits. It could be all yours!

Enter SPA WEEK®’s National Wellness Giveaway until February 28, 2010.

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    […] We’ve all dreamed of white-boy rap setting the mood of our salt scrubs… being passed down a conveyor belt of dancing, therapeutic four-toed feet… the dream! If you’re at all jealous of these animated spa-goers from Walt Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, you probably need a spa day of your own. We’ve got you! Win one in your city in SPA WEEK®’s 1st Annual National Wellness Giveaway. […]


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