SPA WEEK® starts exactly 3 months from tomorrow… and we can hardly wait! But guess which week starts exactly a month from today? New York Fashion Week.

Don’t think for a second that spas and fashion aren’t friends… many models use slimming spa treatments to shave off inches right before the fashion shows and photo shoots.

Lindsey in our office recently got the Sudatonic™ Slimming treatment which includes a full 45-minute Endermologie® session to stimulate circulation and reduce cellulite followed by the infrared Sudatonic™ Slimming Wrap at the Cellulite Center at Luminesa Medi-Spa in New York City, commonly gotten as a package to achieve optimal slimming.  These treatments are offered during Spa Week for just $50 each, normally $200 for the full package, and are highly coveted by cat walkers during Fashion Week. Lindsey shares her experience first hand:

“The Sudatonic™ session was actually a very relaxing experience.  I was dressed in a full body suit and laid on a massage bed while a technician skillfully mobilized the fatty tissue beneath the skin using Endermologie’s suction and rollers. This first part of the Sudatonic™ process itself took about 45 minutes.  The technician asked me if I had any specific areas that I wanted to target (I was concerned about butt, thighs and hips), so she paid special attention to these areas.  The machine felt like a suction and massager at the same time.  There were some parts that were a bit uncomfortable but pain is beauty, right? For more details on The Sudatonicc™ System and how it works, click here.

The best part was the Sudatonic™ Infrared Slimming Wrap that followed the Endermologie® session – a.k.a. 60 minute nap time in a warm cocoon.  I was rubbed down with a slimming lotion that had warming properties to speed up the sweat process.  By the end of the 60 minutes it felt like I had been submerged in a warm bath – that’s how much you sweat in this thing.

I was measured before and after, and lost a total of 3 inches.  Afterwards, I felt like I had done a 5 hour workout!  I would definitely add the Sudatonic treatments as part of a detox/weight loss program, as it really speeds up the weight loss process.”

Similarly to Velashape, as I’ve demonstrated, to achieve the full effect you need to do the treatment more than once. Luminesa offers a package of  10 sessions that many use as a weight-loss companion.

Check out this little video from Cellulite Center at Luminesa Medi-Spa:

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