SPA WEEK® Spring 2010 is fast approaching!

Mark your calendars: April 12 – 18, 2010

For many spa-goers... it’s been their favorite holiday since 2004. It’s a week of $50 massages, facials, acupuncture, waxing, laser hair removal, med-spa treatments like Velashape™ and Sudatonic™, hair and beauty appointments, body wraps and SO much more. It’s the time of year to experiment with new spas, try new treatments, and go buck-wild in relaxation and wellness.

For spas… it’s another story. A wonderful holiday indeed, but to get ready for their busiest week of the year, spas have to be prepared! And before it all begins, they’ve been in touch with one of the spa enthusiasts on our friendly and professional team of Spa Week Reps. If you are a spa interested in joining the phenomenon becoming part of the Spa Week event and our fully-integrated marketing program, please contact me: michelle and I will connect you to the Spa Week rep in your region. Or, you may reach us at 212.352.8098— just tell us where you’re calling from!

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