You could be using sunscreen wrong!

Spa Week Daily loves learning and sharing all the best products, treatments, news and information that the beauty/skincare industry has to offer. This morning we sent Spa Week staffers Samantha and Kaitlin to meet renowned dermatologist and host of DermTV Dr. Neal Schultz, who shared his very best expert tips on how to take care of your skin… turns out it’s all in the details. Just when you thought you had it down! (Scroll down for video.)

Dr. Neal Schultz’s 5 Skincare Rules:

1. For beautiful, healthy looking skin, you must be using the 3 key products.
– Antioxidants
– Sunscreen
– Exfoliates

2. Use sunscreen… and use it the correct way.
a. Always put it on before any other product; sunscreens are tested as the first product put on the skin so if you put other products on before the sunscreen, the SPF efficacy decreases.
b. Make sure your sunscreen contains UVA protection.

3. When using multiple skincare products make sure to layer properly.
Put lighter materials on before the heavier materials, so they can absorb properly

4. Know your skin type.
Most women don’t know their skin type and are using the wrong products. Learn what type of skin you have and make sure to use products properly. Ask a professional (or at least read the box!) if you’re not sure.

5. Make sure you are treating sun damage and wrinkles starting in your 20s.
Most sun damage has happened by the time you are 25, start treating it early by following rule #1 while you are in your 20s– it is never too early to treat sun damage and wrinkles.

Want to learn more about Dr. Schultz’s theories on skincare and how to treat different skin issues? Check out where Dr. Schultz hosts daily dermatology sessions, it’s like having a personal dermatologist in your home. He covers topics from breaking news in dermatology to preventing and repairing sun damage.


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