♫ ♪ Gonna slather you with mud and make you feel like a queen… Hot steam, hot stones, hot water, hot wax… We got a salt scrub, a mud tub… A foot bath, a facial, aromatherapy… Throw your clock away… It’s a Spa Day… ♫ ♪

We’ve all dreamed of white-boy rap setting the mood of our salt scrubs… being passed down a conveyor belt of dancing, therapeutic four-toed feet… the dream! If you’re at all jealous of these animated spa-goers from Walt Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, you probably need a spa day of your own. We’ve got you! Win one in your city in SPA WEEK®’s 1st Annual National Wellness Giveaway.

Recorded, uploaded, edited by BarlowGirl101 on YouTube – great channel if you love cartoons!

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