On Tuesday, we asked our Twitter and Facebook friends if they keep a food diary and if so, how. It looks like our respondents were pretty evenly divided between those who used technology to help them achieve their health goals and those who stuck with some old-fashioned methods that worked!

An Apple A Day (or a Blackberry, or an Android…)
Lisa Fung-Fernandes: iPhone app. Love it
Amy Schneider Cohen: anyone have an android app they would recommend for this?
Jessica Russell Hernandez: Iphone
Jennifer Bender McDonald: Online…The Daily Plate.com
Karen Mitchell: I do MUCH better when I log what I eat, otherwise I think I have more calories left for the day than I do. I’m with Jennifer and use TheDailyPlate.com
Christina Almond: I have kept one in the past and I actually kept it on my Blackberry! 🙂

Meike Dayan Oliver: pen and paper
Monica Lucente Snyder: pen and paper.
Teresa Formato: in a small notebook in my purse-actually works to help eat healthier and not like a ravenous wolf if you do it.
Cassandra Herbert: pen and paper
Adina De Coteau: Notebook I carry everywhere
@AlwaysInStyle: pen paper, but i always stop after two weeks. it gets tiresome to right everything down.

Anyone want to help a girl out?
Amy Schneider Cohen: anyone have an android app they would recommend for this?

For our part, we checked around to see if we could find some good food tracking sites, apps, and tools. Here are our recommendations!

Absolute Fitness iPhone app
TheDailyPlate.com (as recommended by so many of our buddies!)
-If you’re an analog kind of person, you can’t beat the style and portability of a Moleskine

If your fave food-tracking tool wasn’t named here, leave it in the comments!

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