Zachary Adam Cohen is a social media institution. A force of nature that never shuts off. He Twitters at a remarkable rate of 8 tweets per second, he’s a social media strategist with clients up both his sleeves and more knocking down his door, he’s a connector and a foodie blogging about  local foods and social media, and apparently he’s got some sort of TV show coming out. After ditching the Wall Street job just 18 months ago, Zach has taken new media to a new level in his own unique way, and if I didn’t know any better I’d think he never stops for air. But I do know better… and I also know a million and one other New Yorkers — myself included — who “don’t sleep” and could benefit from a few words from him. So I asked him to share with our readers about the balance and success he’s found through one of his great loves, Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga, is practiced in a room heated to about 105°F (40.5°C) with 40% humidity, and usually last 90 minutes. Classes are guided by specific dialogue including 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

New York is a tough place to make your mark. Both the young and old continue to flock to New York City because it is the place where dreams can and do come true. Every single day. Of course in the midst of all that dream-making, New York City has a way of beating down its inhabitants. There is the pollution, the long nights working and partying, the never-ending tension to do more, to go faster, to make more money, to see more museums, attend more theater, shop at the coolest store.

Of course, New Yorkers, above anything, know how to do all of the above, and look fabulous doing it. What’s our secret? For me – and so many of us – it’s Bikram Yoga.

New York is a city of Alphas. We are people who expect, NO! we demand a lot out of life. We come to New York, and stay here, because we want access to the best restaurants and clubs, the best cultural happenings, the best job opportunities and in general, to participate in the conversation that this great city enables us to have with one another. It is a living breathing organism, but in the interest of keeping that organism as healthy as possible, I thought I’d offer up my assessment of why Bikram Yoga is the best yoga no matter where you are. Readers of Spa Week Daily have come to expect a certain kind of content about how best to care for themselves, their skin, their love lives, their bodies and their minds. Bikram Yoga should be a part of that routine.

But first a few words on my background as a serious workout-a-holic. I have done everything from spinning, running, free weights, cardio classes, boxing, bootcamp workouts and the like. I’ve also done all sorts of yoga including Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

Nothing beats Bikram. It is truly an all around workout. Cardio, stretching, meditation, strength-building. Bikram yoga is the complete package; this alone makes it the perfect workout for New Yorkers. But there is more…

The truth is that Bikram is by far the most challenging daily workout you can do.

For those of us who just like “get our sweat on,” 26 asanas in a 100 degree room over 90 minutes guarantees even the most svelte of us are going to see the water weight, the sodium, the bloating and the toxins (including last nights vodka) expelled.

For those who prefer the lengthening and posture benefits of yoga, Bikram Yoga offers the ultimate. The heat warms the muscles and prepares the body for a series of postures that is sure to get you look lean and taut. I’m the thinnest chubby boy in the world because of it!

But whether you are an endorphin-chasing cardio monkey, a peaceful lotus flower who enjoys deep breathing and concentration or something in between, Bikram Yoga fits New Yorkers perfectly by getting us out of our own heads!

I have seen ultimate athletes overwhelmed by the sensations and feelings that a good camel pose or Ustrasana bring up. And I’ve seen 70 year old women do inversions like they were chewing caramels. Bikram is a great equalizer and has as many benefits to one’s ego as to one’s waistline. The internal struggles that Bikram Yoga bring about can humble even the most disciplined.

So if you want to live life to the fullest, like a proper New Yorker, find a Bikram Studio in your neck of the woods and give it a try. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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  1. nina

    Hey Zach,
    Glad you found Bikram, Its probably my favorite form of exercise and I live in exercise heaven. But every other day I am in that hot room, loving myself. I would go every day, and I sometimes do, if my hair could take the blow drying!
    keep up the good work, your cousin, Nina


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