Your quick Wedding Wednesday dispatch today is  doozy!

Celebrity made famous for…being famous (how’s that for a catch-22?) Kim Kardashian has struck a deal with boyfriend Reggie Bush.

If the Saints, the NFL team Bush plays for, makes it to and wins the Superbowl, he will propose to Kardashian. It’s just like gambling…except more romantic? Maybe?

The Saints play the Vikings on January 24th, after which Kim will either have her hopes dashed or take one step closer to winning her bet. Everyone update your fantasy football pools!

Update: Turns out this isn’t a real wager between Kardashian and Bush, but rather a joke she made to the press that took on a life of its own (shocker, right?) The sanctity of both marriage and the Superbowl, luckily, remain intact.

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  1. The Zit List | 01.22.10 | Spa Week Blog

    […] Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush aren’t the only ones with Superbowl fever – Minnesota native Prince penned a song called “Purple and Gold”, which he hopes will urge the Vikings on to victory. It’s no “When Doves Cry”, that’s for sure – but who’s to say it won’t be the next “Purple Rain?” …OK, I guess everyone. Rating: 0 zits […]


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