Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! On this, the 50th anniversary of the poppable plastic wrap, we invite you to use bubble wrap in the way it was always intended: Popping the semi-sphere’d bubbles of air on your computer screen.

Skip the spa today; studies (and people in general) have found popping bubble wrap to be a highly therapeutic activity. Just as a massage de-stresses and allows you to clear your mind and forget your worries, so does bubble wrap popping.

Can virtual bubbles do the trick?

Click below,  start popping, appreciating and let us know if you think some of our spas should offer 1 Hour Bubble Wrap Popping sessions to their treatment menu during Spa Week®! Double de-stress: Pop while listening to our Feel-Good Playlist.


“Therapy is expensive. Popping bubble wrap is cheap. You choose.” Bumper sticker available on Zazzle.com

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