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naya1Region: Los Angeles

Naya Fresh Body Spa
21800 Devonshire Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Naya is a luxury Eco Spa, providing state of the art facials, body treatments, massage and hair removal services. Naya FBS has customized and developed individualization to provide treatments catered to each specific person. They offer over 100 ingredients from an in-house apothecary, enabling the spa to produce real results tailored to your body map.



Pampering all the senses:

We have Jasmine bushes at the entrance and when a guest enters they are greeted and taken on a sensory journey, thus choosing the aromatherapy that will be incorporated into their treatment. The guest chooses the music they would like to listen to in their treatment room and the lighting and temperature in the lounge is adjusted to their liking. The lounge is stocked with a variety of chocolates and fruits to choose from.

How they help their clients take the spa home:

Each guest receives a customized home care plan to help with recovery at home or in the office–whether breathing techniques, aromatherapy to use at home, or ways to calm through self massage. The staff follows up with each guest in 24-48 hours to answer any questions and help the guest further if needed.

Don’t forget the aromatherapy:

Naya Fresh bases treatments around the topical application of essential oils. Selecting the right essential oils can help to regulate and balance the skin and reduce stress. The Elemental Nature massage and facial combine the therapeutic properties of essential oils with touch therapy and breathing exercises to bring well being not only to the body but to rejuvenate the mind and help the guest recover from the negative effects of stress.


60 Min Elemental Nature Customized Massage

75 Min Chocolate Decadence Wrap

60 Min Elemental Nature Customized Facial, with a lite lunch plate of fruits, crackers and cheese with your choice of juice or Aveda tea and a take home gift of Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner



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